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Text Messages from Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

Sherlock Holmes, the world's only consulting detective, is written by Seth. His texts are in Courier New. Dr. John H. Watson is written by Chel. His texts are in Verdana.

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Current point in canon: Three months after "The Empty Hearse"

Baker Street Irregulars

elsewhere #4 

Notes: Warnings include brief sexual content and allusions to BDSM.  Also on LJ.

            Honestly, he didn’t expect Jeanette to take his call, not after how they ended.  But she did, and here they are, having dinner like civilized people who didn’t break up in a sort of ugly way at all. 

            John hasn’t sat completely idle while Sherlock’s been away.  The previous night he went to the pub with Stamford and a couple of other friends, and starting tomorrow he’ll spend a couple of days working at his old clinic because one of their doctors is on holiday.  Popular time of year for holidays, apparently.  He’s relieved that Sarah had something for him to do; seeing patients again will be much better than sitting alone in the flat, watching telly.

            He’s also relieved that he and Sarah are still on good terms.  In that respect, John Watson is a lucky man.  He could have a worse set of exes.  None of them have ever sought revenge or anything—they’re either decent to him or want nothing to do with him, and he’s fine with that.

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