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Text Messages from Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

Sherlock Holmes, the world's only consulting detective, is written by Seth. His texts are in Courier New. Dr. John H. Watson is written by Chel. His texts are in Verdana.

This blog is part ask blog, part fanfiction. We are not affiliated with BBC's Sherlock and take full responsibility for any spelling errors or overuse of Internet memes that may be found on this blog.

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Current point in canon: Three months after "The Empty Hearse"

Baker Street Irregulars


He looks at the bathroom mirror, at his own reflection: filthy, filthy, filthy.  Weak.  Liar.  Hypocrite.  (The words won’t stop.  Gumming up the works.)  A hypocrite in need of another hit of morphine, he thinks.

Thank god for morphine, oh, yes…  John would be very upset with him.  But John’s not here to make him clean.

He washes his hands for the sixth time.

So I did this painting of Sherlock inspired by a chapter of the amazing textsfromjohnandsherlock, ‘Disappearance #3’.

Absolutely stunning. Thank you!

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